Monty Python

My nom de plume (nom de guerre) appears to be unconsciously borrowed from a classic from Monty Python in which there is a panel discussion between Ruth Frampton, Vice-Pope Eric, Brian Stalin (elder brother of the USSR's great dictator) and others.

Is Michael Palin's obsession with Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi connected to reincarnation?

Many a mild interest or deep obsession with other people may denote an attraction with our past identities or with people from the same soul group.


Toulouse Lautrec

Many people have written about their experiences of war. It's a fact that many people have died in battle, if not in this life, then in many previous lives. People in healing rooms have described their limbs being blown or chopped off. They sometimes relive the pain and the anguish. Fortunately the congested energy is released. It doesn't make reincarnation a fact, but it's truly an alarming sight to witness. There are tears and the release of great torrents of anger and bitterness. It's probaby not for the squeamish. Many people choose not to believe the obvious fact that many of us carry these terrible congested energies around inside of us.

We meet new people all the time. Sometimes we get negative vibes from them and they make us feel uneasy. Perhaps we get depressed after meeting such people or we might get a fever, a stomachache etc. This is often soul memory at work. If we are psychic we might remember past lives with these people. Sometimes because of our emotional imbalance our past life memories get fuzzy or distorted. When we engage in alternative healing over an extended period our past life memories may become clearer. Although reincarnation has never been proved some people have insisted that they have lived before and identify with certain famous or obscure historical personalities. It is my experience that their claims have some validity, but on checking with the Akashic records they usually appear to have actually been different people to the ones that they thought they were. When this happens I offer to teach these people to read the Akashic Records for themselves and get to see a clearer picture of who they were and how they connect to other people.
Edgar Cayce explained that everyone has this ability and it is my experience that this is so. People do have attachments to many things including their thoughts about their own degree of spiritual development etc. When people get to see the truth for themselves, they are rarely disappointed, but are pleasantly surprised even when they finally acknowledge the carnage they have caused throughout human Earth history.

We are only permitted to know things that we are ready for and in a way that we are ready to understand. When we investigate these things in a sensible fashion we get to understand that our perceptions are capable of change. Where there is strong emotion such as fear, love and hate, there is also congestion and foggy spiritual perception. If we remain fixed and dogmatic about our clever skills and ideas about ourselves, others and the Universe, we may get restricted by our own arrogance. Seeking ultimate truth is like shedding the skin of an onion. With each new layer there are new things to consider that always invalidate our previous conclusions. Human knowledge, expressed in our science, literature, religion, metaphysics etc. has always been and still is rather incomplete -some would say completely and insanely inadequate. The reason being that we always seek external wisdom outside of self and thereby lose the powerful focus that can liberate our minds from illusion. There is the idea that technology will come to our aid. Our technical knowledge continues to increase at an exponential rate. Within a short span of time it can double. In a few years beyond 2012 it is said our technological knowledge will become almost infinite. That sounds quite alarming and dangerous.

Apries 589-570 BC
The King commonly referred to as Apries (his Greek name), who's birth name was Wah-ib-re, meaning "Constant is the Heart of Re" and who's Throne name was Haa-ib-re, meaning "Jubilant is the Heart of Re Forever", succeeded his father, Psamtik II in February of 589 BC., of Egypt's 26th Dynasty. We believe he ruled Egypt until his defeat at the hands of Amasis in 570 BC. Some sources provide that Apries was the Biblical Hophra.

Herodutus claimed that the wife of Apries was called Nitetis, but there appears to be no contemporary souses evidencing her name. We are also told that in the fourth year of his reign, he managed to have Ankhnesneferibre, apparently the daughter of Psammetichus II, adopted as the successor of Nitigret for the title, God's Wife of Amun.

He did build, as all Egyptian kings felt was their duty, in locations such as the temples at Athribis (Tell Atrib), in the Bahariya Oasis, at Memphis and Sais.

He continued a foreign policy of his father of intervention in Palestinian affairs, but was plagued with a number of military problems at home and abroad. He addressed himself vigorously to a Chaldaean problem that had plagued his predecessors, initially operating on a large scale basis against them in conjunction with the Phoenician cities and Zedekiah of Judah. However, this ended up being a disaster and possibly caused an invasion of Egypt in the late 580s BC. However, he also conducted some well conceived campaigns against Cyprus and Phonenicia between 574 and 570 BC.

However, during his reign, a strategically important military garrison of native Egyptian troops at Elephantine (modern Aswan) mutinied, though that was contained.

His worse nightmare transpired after he sent his Egyptian native army to help Libya against the Dorian Greek invaders (against the Greek city of Cyrene), they were badly beaten, and upon the survivor's return, civil war broke out. Apris was blamed for this disaster, resulting in a confrontation between the regular Egyptian army (the machimoi) and foreign mercenaries (Greek) under his command.

Actually, the defeat at Cyrene probably only provided an excuse for the revolt. For sometime, the mercenaries under his command had been treated considerably better than the native Egyptian army. When Apris sent his general, Amasis (Ahmose II) to put down the revolt, instead he was implored by the Egyptians instead to be their leader, a plead which he accepted.

Toulouse was Apries.

Toulouse like Monty seemed to have the ability of retaining similar looking headgear across time.
Sometimes it seems almost as if some people have gotten into time machines and decided to turn up at all the interesting times and places in history.
Is this possible? Well the Akashic Records may have strange and surprising things to say about that.

Past life readings by brianstalin

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Brianstalin reminds us that although the Akashic Records remains the ultimate source of all knowledge, we must access this source directly in order to determine the truth of what he or anybody is telling us.

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