Fallen Masters

One surprising thing that crops up in the Akashic Records is that many of us were perceived at one time or other (either by ourselves and/or others) as spiritual masters. These lifetimes are often sandwiched between the lifetimes we were great military dictators or their close associates. It is very likely we have all been a Nostradamus, a St Peter, a St Paul or even an ancient God or Goddess of one of the various pantheons. We must be careful how we interpret this strange information. If we assume we are enlightened and have come to save the planet, then that might have unfortunate consequences for ourselves and others and be part of an undesirable recurring pattern. The truth about all this is rather more subtle and instructive and relates to how we tend to want to perceive ourselves and how we wish others to perceive us. It takes a very level head to navigate through this kind of past life information. There really are Ascended Masters and Gods living among us, but are they actually just popstars and celebrities of the ancient world?

Walkins, Ascension and Simultaneous incarnation are myths.
Perhaps our perceptions of Reincarnation, 2012, Enlightenment, Time Travel, UFOs & extraterrestrials, Spiritual mastery, Spirituality and the assumption that we are separate from each other are just myths of our own making. When we jettison them we begin to have some practical purpose.

Walkins, Ascension and Simultaneous incarnation are myths. Dragons, griffins, Pegasus, unicorns and a host of other wonderful beings did/do exist (at least, at certain levels of our consensus reality). My main concern is our perception of these things and ourselves do not usually serve any practical purpose, but simply chain us to a host of delightful illusions that block our understanding of higher truths and responsibilities.

People who pull up their shirt sleeves and get down to dragging out congested negative energies from people and places do impress me. In my opinion, they personally raise the vibrations of the planet in a very practical way. If you talk about metaphysics with these people, they will often provide new and interesting insights into things that are beyond the understanding of the armchair philosophers who often spread strange and impractical ideas around.
I cannot condemn impractical ideas, I cannot condemn illusions of spiritual mastery and I cannot condemn war, because I, like many of us, have been involved in these sorts of things many times down the timeline of human history.

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