Royal Bloodlines

Peter III

It would be nice to go back in time and focus on an event and identify who the actors were and their roles in other historical events in different time periods and even connect them to the present time.
I wonder if events back in Russia have any relevance for us today?

Peter III (February 21, 1728 - July 17, 1762) was Emperor of Russia for six months in 1762. He was mentally weak and very pro-Prussian, which made him an unpopular leader. He was supposedly assassinated as a result of a conspiracy allegedly led by his wife, who succeeded him to the throne as Catherine II (Catherine the Great).
He was an interesting guy don't you think? He was cheated out of his birthright - guess he would still be hungry for power. Wherever he is I'm sure he's doing a good job.

Peter III died and reincarnated somewhere in the British royal family where he knew George III and George IV. There followed 2 lifetimes in America. One non-famous one as a business man - the next and present one in politics.
Why does George III of England look like Bill Clinton?

and Tony Blair looks like George IV. Is it a coincidence?


It is said that George III was smitten with Lady Sarah Lennox, daughter of Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond. Her picture is in the middle. If Bill Clinton was George III, then maybe Hilary was Sarah.

Monica's Revenge

Hannah Lightfoot was born in London, the daughter of Matthew Lightfoot (d. 1733), a shoemaker, and his wife Mary Wheeler.In an 1866 trial regarding the dubious claims of Princess Olive and her daughter Princess Lavinia, it was alleged that George III married Hannah Lightfoot on April 17, 1759, prior to George III's marriage to Charlotte in 1761, leaving the latter marriage invalid.
Did Hannah become Monica? - a strange parallel perhaps.

Virginia & Charlotte

Virginia Dell Cassidy (Bill Clinton's mother) was Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818) Queen of King George III.

Finishing Off

Peter III liked all things Prussian and that included liking Frederick the Great. Goethe (Tesla) was educated at Frederick's court before going to France. Frederick would later incarnate as Adolf Hitler

Eva Braun

Elisabeth Christine von Braunschweig-Bevern - Frederick's wife (who he largely ignored) followed him and became Eva Braun.


I thought this story was amusing.
King Apries was defeated by King Amasis in 570 BC. Amasis (Ahmose II) was the Egyptian king who was a friend of Pythagoras. King Apries turns out to be an earlier incarnation of Toulouse Lautrec.
I mentioned seeing Shirley Maclaine in Paris with Toulouse during my last lifetime.
In this earlier lifetime in Egypt, Shirley had been King Apries's (Lautrec's) daughter.
Her name was Khedebneithireretbeneret. She married her father's enemy and conqueror Amasis. Amasis who was probably the 5th ruler of Egypt during the 26th Dynasty, has been called the last great Egyptian Pharaoh. He ruled for about 44 years.

Past life readings by brianstalin

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